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"Twenty-First Century Christmas Blues"

Release date: Monday 27th November. Available online and all good outlets.

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the bohemian mooney

1.  I Ain't Ready (N.Mooney)
2.  Ain't That Love (Charles)
3.  Down For Double (Green/Tormé)
4.  Unlucky In Love (N.Mooney)
5.  Hard Times (Charles)
6.  April In Paris (Harburg/Duke)
7.  The Bohemian Mooney (N.Mooney)
8.  Hellhound On My Trail (Trad.Arr: N.Mooney)
9.  C'est Si Bon (Hornez/Betti)
10. How Blue Can You Get (Fame)
11. Bohemian Moondance (N.Mooney)
12. Farewell To Bohemia (N.Mooney)

1. Beautiful Day (N.Mooney)
2. It Just Ain't Blue (N.Mooney)
3. Waltz for my Trouble (N.Mooney)
4. Traveller Blues (Blues in a Minor) (N.Mooney)
5. The Nicest Little Girl  (N.Mooney)
6. If I had Possession over Judgement Day
(Robert Johnson / Trad.arr. N.Mooney)
7. Boulavogue (Trad.arr. N.Mooney)
8. Turning over an Old Leaf (N.Mooney)
9. Love in Vain (Robert Johnson / Trad.arr. N.Mooney)
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